Content Summary

Due to the broad scope of material that the ‘Gold Rush’ encompasses, this inquiry learning unit focuses specifically on the important aspects in the life of a miner. These aspects, which shall be explored in depth in each lesson and will be presented in sequential order, include: origins of the miner and his means of transportation to the Gold fields; housing and occupations of a miner; supplies and tools required to search for gold and the food a miner would eat in the Gold fields.

In a year-long syllabus, this learning unit would ideally commence half-way through the school year. By this stage in their learning, Level 4 students will have formed a solid understanding of comparative thinking; they are able to identify and understand historical sources; they understand the importance of learning about history and they are familiar with significant events that have occurred throughout the history of Australia. Each of these skills shall aide students in undertaking and successfully completing the ‘Marvellous Melbourne’ learning inquiry unit. At the end of this unit, the students will have acquired more complex methods of investigative enquiry; they will have improved critical thinking strategies and will have a comprehensive understanding of the life of a miner during the Gold Rush period in Victoria. Literacy and geospatial skills, such as drawing maps or plotting timelines will have also been developed further. Historical reasoning and interpretation skills will have also been expanded and practiced, in order to equip students with the skills neccessary for VELS Level 5 Humanities studies.