Humanities – Level 4

Throughout this unit of inquiry students are presented with a diverse learning framework engaging a range of intelligences.

At the core of the unit lies the Humanities discipline of learning. At level 4, students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of significant events in Australian history including the 1850s gold rush (being the very focus of this inquiry unit).

Within the realm of historical knowledge and understanding students learn of past societies and their associated daily life routines and work-related activities (students explore the living conditions and working environment of a gold miner)

They sequence events and describe their significance in bringing about particular developments (students present knowledge of successive historical developments of a gold miner journey from ‘homeland to goldfields’).

Students’ geospatial skills are developed through the use of atlases to accurately describe the distance, direction and location of places (students are given maps to calculate distance and direction of extensive travel undertaken by the gold miner).