Regarding our 'Content Topics' Wiki framework I took these headings from a previous EDU4PSH Wiki.The list of topics may be too many as other group's Wikis contain somewhat less content areas. We could merge or delete the topics that are least relevant... D

maybe 'finding out', 'sorting out', 'preparing to find out' can all be under one section; and 'going further', 'making connections' & 'action' can be put together as one section. maybe 'understandings and concepts & focus q's/skills to be developed' can form another section? what do you think??

I have just re-read our Unit Outline for EDU4PSH and note the Wiki Assessment task comprises 5 parts, thus I have made some changes to our topic contents on left side menu... D

From LMS:

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Humanities Wiki Tasks - Lesson Plans

19 May 2009 2:53 PM
I have received a number of enquiries about the number and length of lesson plans required. Please note that your wiki should include 4 Humanities Lesson Plans (per group of 4) of approximately 75 - 90 minutes. If you have 3 members in your group, you are still expected to include 4 lesson plans to illustrate your understanding of the 4 key stages of the inquiry learning cycle. For groups of 5, please prepare 5 LPs. I look forward to your submissions.


Subject: Humanities Lesson Plans
Topic: Questions about Humanities
Author: Kirsten Hutchison
Date: 19 May 2009 3:11 PM
Hi Again

In terms of the length of lessons, you can think of the basic lesson unit as approximately 45 - 60 minutes. As I indicated in my announcement and in the workshops, Humanities is usually taught in a double period of approximately 75 - 90 minutes, with time taken out for settling students, packing up and end of day announcements. So, what constitutes a lesson can vary. As long as you are clear in your lesson plans about how much instruction time you are planning for, the important thing is that your activities are appropriately sequenced for the learning you are aiming for, not the exact number of minutes.

Hope that helps.

Ok, i have changed mine so it is now 90 mins. thanks for that heads-up, i wouldnt have thought to look -roni