Inquiry Unit
Use the Inquiry Unit Planner, located on LMS under Humanities Resources, to plan and document your unit. Include it as a word document in your wiki. This is a standard format for inquiry units and can be easily used by other teachers. You may also find it useful for future planning. In the Unit Planner, outline the understandings, concepts and questions that the unit will focus on. Be clear about what information you will provide (texts, materials, activities, handouts etc) and what products students will make (worksheets, multi-modal presentations, models, performances etc) as they investigate the focus questions, interpret information and develop their personal understandings. Ensure you include some web-based resources and activities in your unit.
The unit of work should identify the key concepts to be explored and the focus questions that will assist in the exploration. Each of the lessons should have a sub-question that will contribute to building understanding of the main concept. Ensure this question is clearly articulated in each of the lesson plans submitted.

Use the inquiry process to develop the unit, broadly sequenced as:

· tuning in and preparing to find out
· finding out
· sorting out
· making connections or taking action.