This integrated inquiry unit, entitled ‘Marvellous-Melbourne’, is directed at students in upper primary school, VELS Level 4 (grades five and six).
The 1850’s Victorian Gold Rush concept domain is deemed to be a highly desirable inquiry unit for VELS Level 4 students as it incorporates an extensive range of VELS learning dimensions, such as geography, history, English, the arts and environment.

Students are challenged to expand upon their prior knowledge of Australian history through investigative enquiry and to explore important and relevant concepts such as change and continuity through time; culture; migration; the economy and lifestyle.

‘Marvellous-Melbourne’ gives students the opportunity to deepen their understandings of a miner’s life during the Gold Rush Era in Victoria, by way of students engagement in activities such as panning for gold at Sovereign Hill, Ballarat, where students can put their learnings into context by witnessing and experiencing the reality of life on the Goldfields.